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 Total Venue Transformation

Uplighting Uranko Productions

Our uplighting will transform your venue.

One of our most popular additional services that Uranko Productions provides for Events, Uplighting will dramatically transform the overall vibe of your room. All of our uplighting is battery powered and can be controlled wirelessly which gives us unlimited design potential for your Event. All of our lighting is LED as well, which allows our lighting design team to create unique lighting colors that will enhance your Event. Here is a great example how we can take an ordinary introduction and make more memorable with uplighting: Prior to your introduction all of the lights inside your venue will be lowered to build excitement from your audience. Then when you are introduced as you walk by each uplight the uplight turns on to your custom color.
By the time you walk to the center the venue has now transformed with your colors. As you can visualize, we can enhance  your Event with our Uplighting!

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What if my Venue Offers Free Uplighting?

When uplighting is done professionally it will make your venue look 100% better. Venue Managers know this or else they would not start offering this service to their potential Brides and Grooms because it makes their venue easier to sell and standout. However, keep in mind that a typical Venue Manager is not a Lighting Design Expert. The uplighting that they are including may not be up to the same standard of equipment that professionals use. There also may not be enough lights included to obtain the desired look and atmosphere that you are going for. Lastly we can create custom colors with the help of a lighting design software which our Brides love. We even had a few of them name the colors that they were able to custom mix in order to match exactly the look that they were going for. Even if your venue is using professional equipment, I highly doubt that they are going to take the time and custom mix all of your lighting with a lighting design program. Uranko Productions provides professional uplighting equipment, the correct number and size of uplights, and can not only custom mix your lighting colors but also can control the lighting wirelessly. Even though your venue may include uplighting in their package we highly recommend checking out what we can do for you!

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