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Dora Lewis

Photo Booth

More People . Less Time . More Fun!

Uranko Productions Open Air Style Photo Booth is one of our most popular additional services that we offer. What makes this Booth extra special is the amount of people we can fit in the photo, and the amount of time it takes to print your pictures. We can easily fit over 10 people in one photo and with a print time of only seven seconds for 4×6 high glossy photos, your guests will spend more time out on the dance floor. The Open Air Style concept is preferred over the traditional enclosed style photo booth because the enclosed style looks out of place with your decoration design for your event. Compared to the Open Air concept your Booth will come with a red carpet and a white drape background that makes a great entrance piece as well as complimenting your overall interior design.

Not only is our Photo Booth one of the fastest on the market, it also has a lot of additional features for social media. With an additional cost Uranko Productions can have our Booth set to ask your guests if they’d like to share their Photo Booth experience on your Facebook Page. We can also instantly upload the photo to instagram which will help further brand your wedding reception. Guests have the option of having their photo emailed to them directly from the Booth so they can share it on their social media platform. Last but not least the Photo Booth can incorporate green screen technology for your event.

 Gift For Your Guests

Due to the amount of personalization and social media add-ons, a lot of our Brides will purchase our Photo Booth as a gift for their guests. Since the booth prints out 4×6 photos, Brides will either purchase wholesale cost frames or the heavy stock paper frames that you would typically see at an amusement park for their guests. By adding the Photo Booth to your event you will be purchasing a service that is very entertaining and will help out the cost of purchasing 100s of gift items. The last thing you want to do is be stuck DIY 100s of items one week before your big event.

Personally my favorite thing about our Open Air Style Photo Booth is the creativity you have in designing the printed photo. As stated above you will have a 4×6 area for your photos. We can fit up to eight different poses on one printed photo. However the more poses the smaller they will be on the 4×6. We highly recommend using a four pose session for your Booth. Now here is where the magic happens. We can design the printed photo background to be anything you want. Uranko Productions specializes in branding wedding receptions and being able to incorporate any background design on your printed photos will successfully brand your event. A great example is in October of 2016 we were hired for a Back to The Future themed wedding reception. Check out the photo on the right to see how we were able to take their idea and brand it onto their photo booth pictures. To view a complete gallery of our Photo Booth designs click on this link.

What’s Included?

When hiring our Open Air Photo Booth services the following items are included in base cost:

  1. 8′ high x 15′ wide pipe w/ white drapery
  2. 4′ wide x 15′ long red carpet
  3. 4 silver stanchions w/ red velvet rope
  4. Photo Booth Attendant
  5. Fun Photo Booth Props
  6. 300 4×6 Prints
  7. USB copy of all Photos
  8. Custom Printed Photo Layout