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Outdoor Ceremony Sound

Professional Ceremony Sound

Uranko Productions specializes in providing professional ceremony sound for your outdoor celebration. We start by setting up our equipment following an approved layout plan. We place our speakers in areas where they will not be in photos. Sound and level checks are conducted well before  your guests arrive. We start playing music 30 minutes prior to your ceremony and provide a lapel microphone for the Groom or Officiant and one extra wireless handheld microphone. If more wireless microphones are needed we can accommodate your request.

How to NOT ruin your Ceremony

Just a warning this Pro Tip is going to get geeky so put on your safety goggles and break out your lab coat! The biggest variable in providing ceremony sound is the wireless microphone system that your entertainment company will provide. It is extremely important that your entertainment company understands the impact that the operating frequency will have on the overall sound. Have you ever been to a wedding where the microphones were cutting in and out? This is caused by an interruption in the signal that is transmitted from the person talking to the receiver where the DJ will be standing. There are several factors on how this signal can be interrupted. Everyone at your wedding with the exception of your Bridesmaids will have their cellphone with them. Picture hundreds of your guests transmitting or receiving a signal from a cell phone tower. Depending on the provider and location of the tower you have a concentration of various frequencies that will interrupt the signal that is trying to make its way back to where the DJ is standing. To make matters worse, in recent news any microphone operating above the 600 mHZ (Told you it was going to get geeky!) will soon be unable to transmit any signal back to the DJ. I purchased my first wireless microphone system in 2013 and that set will be affected by the new standard. Don’t worry we pulled it from our gear but this is why it is extremely important to book an entertainment company that knows the limitations of their equipment and will keep up with the current technology.

In order to ensure that your ceremony will not have any interference Uranko Productions contacted Ben Stowe from NLFX who is the most knowledgeable sound guy that we’ve ever met. He provides the wireless systems for almost all of the NFL football teams. We asked Ben to help us build a system for Ceremony Sound and I am very excited to share that our system is designed to over power all of the frequencies that may interrupt the signal. It is very important to make sure that your entertainment company can at least scan for a clean frequency at the very least in order to ensure that your ceremony is perfect. You can take off the safety goggles now! We hope you found this tip informative and if you have any further questions please contact us here.