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Dora Lewis

Dancing On A Cloud

Floating Lifetime Memories

Photo Credit: Homiak Photography

Our Dancing On A Cloud service is hands down our favorite moment that we can create for your Wedding Reception. Regardless if you book this service or not, you will always remember your first dance together. However, can you image the photos and video that will be captured by adding this enhancement! We have all been to weddings where the Bride and the Groom dance together and it seems like it takes forever and eventually you lose interest. The goal of Uranko Productions is to make the first half hour of your reception as entertaining as the last. Picture you and your fiancé dancing together in front of all of your friends and family… Here is where the magic begins. Instead of hearing the second verse of your first dance we can take voice recordings to each other and mix your voices over the instrumental of your first dance. That definitely will get everyone’s attention and then we hit the chorus and out comes the cloud. We just created in three minutes an award winning moment that you will cherish for a lifetime! Now you can see why this service is one of our favorites!

Safe For All Venues

Our Dancing On A Cloud service will not set off any fire alarms. The effect is created by adding dry-ice to water that is heated and controlled by an internal thermometer. The reaction creates a low lying cloud that will evaporate well before reaching any smoke detectors. Uranko Productions is trained to safely handle dry-ice and operate the Chauvet Nimbus to safely produce the cloud effect. Check out a few videos below! For more information on this service contact click here.