Advanced Tips On Selecting Your Wedding Entertainment

An insider tip on what you should look for when selecting your entertainment.

Advanced Tips On Selecting Your Wedding Entertainment
So you have your dream Venue reserved, you found the perfect dress and even got eight of your closes friends to agree on a style of bridesmaides dress that everyone likes.  Now its time to book your entertainment.  You may attend bridal shows, ask your friend who's wedding you attended who their DJ was, or go online through The Knot, Facebook, or Google Searches.  Before making your final selection I would like to share some tips and expert knowledge with you on a few things that your typical consumer will miss or overlook in the selection process.   

Advanced Tip #1  Event Coverage Photos - Reading Between the Lines

Take a good look at your potential entertainment company's photos online of their coverage of past wedding receptions either on social media or their website.  Now by nature, enteratinment companies are not the greatest photographers so you're not looking for those great action shots filled with definition.  What you're looking for is do all of the pictures look the same?  Yes I am talking about those dances - the dreadful slide to the left, slide to the right that all of you have grown up doing at your school dances.  Typicaly those line dances are used for creating a dancefloor when you have no one dancing.  We typically do not play line dances at wedding receptions unless our clients specically want them.  Which to be honest the majority of our clients are more modern and want their wedding to be different than your typical wedding reception so we rarely have line dances on their must plays.  If your potential DJ company has all or a majority of of their dancing pictures of their guests doing line dances this would be a red flag and would make me wonder if they were able to enetertain and keep your guests on the dance floor after one song.   

There is a lot of work that goes into programming and reading your crowd to get a lot of people on the dance floor.  The next challenge that is faced is keeping them on the dance floor.  Your above average wedding entertainment company can achieve this with ease.  We ask our clients what are the three most important must haves at your wedding reception?  Nine times out of 10 the answer of we want our guests to have a great time, and dance the night away will be one of their must haves.  Make sure your entertainment company can not only exceed your expectations, but prove or demonstrate value to you by sharing event coverage photos, testimonials, or video.  Your average DJ company takes advantage of playing a line dance to show new clients a "packed dance floor".  But now after reading this article, you will all be a more informed consumer.  Don't let the average DJ fool you in their ability to build and hold a dance floor.

Stay tuned for more advanced tips from us.  Our goal as a professional entertainment company is to provide you with not only the best entertainment, but also share the most knowledge so you are able to make the best decision when selecting your entertainment vendor.

Feature Article in Susquehanna Style Magazine

Check this out!  One of the weddings that we provided the entertainment, ceremony sound,special effects,and reception production services for has been featured in Susquehanna Style magazine!  Not only is it a feature it's also the cover story!

Trinity and Kermit Keefercelebrated their love for each other on November 3rd 2013.  The wedding ceremony and reception took place at beautiful Historic Shady Lane located in Manchester PA.  Trinity's attention to detail made this rustic themed wedding one of the best display of decorations that we have ever seen.  We got to work with an All Star cast for the Event as well.  This wedding reception truly represented the best of the best.  To view the entire article follow this link:  http://www.susquehannastyle.com/January-2015/Just-Married-Kermit-Keefer-and-Trinity-Walker-Keefer/

Looking back at all of the couples we worked with, I must say that we have noticed a consistent trend.  You all are really cool, fun, and energetic people!


Congratulations Brandy & Tim Sullivan!

We Put Our Brides in the Clouds

Congratulations Brandy & Tim Sullivan!

Uranko Productions would like to extend a very special congratulations to Brandy & Tim Sullivan!  We provided the uplighting, monogram, and our personal favorite the dancing on a cloud effect.  Thank you so much for making us a part of your day.  We wish the two of you the best of luck!


Staci and Justin's Wedding

Staci and Justin's Wedding
URANKO Productions provided the uplighting, wedding reception planning, voice overs for the Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances, and the reception music for Stacie Kratovich and Justin Stelma at the Mountain Springs Country Inn. On behalf of Uranko Productions I would like to personally thank you for selecting us as your entertainment vendor. We had such a great time sharing this memory with you and your friends and family. We wish you the best of luck!

Congratulations to Courtney & Tanner and Kristin & Sam!

Congratulations to Courtney & Tanner and Kristin & Sam!
Two Outdoor Ceremonies - Two Wedding Receptions - Two Photo Booths - Two Amazing Couples - One Weekend!. Congratulations to Courtney & Tanner and Kristin & Sam! We had such a great time celebrating and partying with you all. We will be uploading the complete coverage of the two weddings this week. Hope everyone has a happy a safe Memorial Day!
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