How To Not Ruin Your Wedding

The Importance of The DJ Setup

How To Not Ruin Your Wedding
Welcome everyone to our weekly wedding reception planning tip.  This week's tip well help you select a professional entertainment vendor who will not ruin your wedding reception.  An often overlooked area when selecting the perfect DJ is their setup.  I am not talking about what gear they have (a topic for another day), I am specifically referring to how they present their equipment at your wedding reception.

Let's say you have everything crossed off your list... you have the fancy country club, the perfect wedding dress, the prettiest flowers, all the invitations are in the mail, but you still have one thing left - book the DJ.  So you go out and get a bunch of quotes and since you already over spent on everything else, you decide I am just going to get a cheap DJ, besides I have everything else and all he does is just play music.... WRONG!

Your DJ not only plays a tremendous role in the overall success of your wedding reception, but his equipment and how he sets everything else will be in the background of your wedding pictures.  It doesn't matter if you rented out Carnegie Hall, if you hired an amatuer DJ with his orange extension cords and half assed wires going all over the place, you just devalued your Venue.  There is nothing your photographer can do when your DJ has a horrible looking setup.  It's like having that expensive super stretch Limo and piling all your friends inside and then one of your friends cuts the cheese - guess what your Limo is going to stink really bad!  

So unless you are willing to see for the rest of your life the amateur DJ's promotional sign or organge extension cords in your wedding photos, you need to make sure you hire a professional.  Here is a very simple way of making sure your DJ does not ruin your wedding reception.  We totally understand that everyone has a budget.  And to date no one has ever contacted us and stated they have unlimited money and they want everything.  However, when making your entertainment vendor decision you should have cuts before even looking at the prices.  In other words you should be prequalifying your entertainment vendors.

One of the ways you can make your first round of cuts is view their facebook, website, or anywhere else that shows their event coverage photos.  DJs love showing off their equipment so I can almost garuntee that they will have photos of how they setup for events.  You want to make sure that their setup looks very neat and organized.  Not something that looks like they barely setup in time.  (Chances are that's a pretty accurate assumption).  Having everything neat and organized speaks volumes on how their company conducts business.  You can also see the overall appearance of their setup and make your own first impression.  You can also notice if your DJ hangs a tacky sign up promoting his services, which we personally feel should not be allowed at any wedding reception.  If your a professional DJ and you rock the crowd, you don't need a billboard telling people where to find you.

Below you will find a few examples of our setups and what to look for when booking your professional DJ.  Wire management or hiding/securing the wires and cords is very important not only to clean up the setup but for overall safety of your guests.  With wires and cords hanging all over the place and tangled on the floor, it wouldn't take much for someone to trip or worse cause something to fall.  The overall appearance should flow with the rest of the room and not be an eye sore or a billboard.  Our standard setup package consists of two speakers, one subwoofer, two 9' towers and two moving head lights.  Combined with our uplighting package, we feel that this is the perfect amount of sound and lighting for your wedding reception.

So remember, before comparing prices make your first round of cuts and prequalify your entertainment vendors with this week's wedding reception planning tip.  Thank you so much for stopping by this week, we hope you found this tip to be very helpful.  If you have any questions please let us know.  

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