Hire Professionals

Hire Professionals
Hello everyone and welcome to another Wedding Reception Planning Tip.  This week's tip was inspired by a recent phone call meeting that we had with a Bride-to-Be that we met at the Susquehanna Valley Mall Bridal Show.   We always ask have you ever been to a wedding reception that you saw something and said to yourself "Not at my wedding!".  Her reply sent chills up our spine and made us feel awkward, and we weren't even there!  Last year she attended a wedding where the hired entertainment lost the Bride and Groom's first dance.  Not only did they misplace the song but then they announced to the entire room that their first dance was lost!  How does this happen!

Put yourself in the Bride's shoes and you will realize just how important our services are for your Wedding Reception.  The DJ in this instance was not prepared or did not have a backup plan in mind.  This could have definitely been avoided with proper planning.

We use a dropbox account to ensure that all of your special songs are played on the day of your wedding reception.  The dropbox account is free and allows us to share the songs with you, so you can listen to the exact version which will be played at your wedding reception.  We have your special songs backed up on our iPad and online, as well as on our MacBook.  

You have to keep a watchful eye out for amateur DJ companies who boast how many years they have been in business.  They might be using the same technology for the 90s which increases the chance of "technical difficulties".  Unless you are well in tuned with the entertainment scene you probably have no idea what is industry standard and what is considered way outdated.  The best way to determine if your potential entertainment vendor is prepared for the worst case scenario is by calling them and asking "What is your backup plan if suddenly you can not find my first dance song?"  Any professional DJ should be able to reply to this in a split second without hesitation.  If there's any length of pause in the conversation this is a huge red flag!  The reason why you ask them directly rather than in an email is you don't want to give them a chance to figure out a plan - any professional already has one in place.  This is yet another inside tip for you all that you won't find in your Bridal Magazines.

Thank you once again for stopping by and hope that this tip helps you select the perfect entertainment vendor for your wedding reception.  You do want this video to be your reception... enjoy!


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