Budgeting for Your Wedding Entertainment

Organizing Your Priorities

Budgeting for Your Wedding Entertainment
Budgeting for Your Wedding Entertainment

As a professional entertainment company it is our responsibility to share all of the information possible about our industry to you as the consumer.  The reason why this is so important is we want you to make the best educated decision possible when selecting your entertainment.  

It is no secret that cost plays a tremendous part in your selection process and is very influential in your overall budget.  No one has ever contacted us and said "Give me everything you have price is no object".  However there are ways that you can maximize your budget in areas that you feel are the most important and the most passionate about.  

We have all of our new clients write down the three most important things you want to remember the most about your wedding reception.  Doesn't matter who you are, where you are from, or more importantly how big your budget is, we always have "We want our guests to have an amazing time and dance all night long" as one of the three most important desires from your wedding reception.  

The next step is to list all of the expenses of your wedding reception and how much you have budgeted for their services.  Take a good look at your list and reorganize your expenses from most expensive to least expensive.  Now here is where it all comes together...  If one of your desires of your wedding reception is to make sure everyone has an amazing time and dances all night long, then you better have entertainment in the top five on your budget list.  If your proposed entertainment budget is towards the bottom of your expense list and for example chair covers with cushions costs more than your entertainment,  what you're really telling us is "We want our guest to see us years after our wedding reception and remember the expensive chair covers and how all the chairs had soft cushions."   Chances are you need to adjust some of your expenses. 

It is very easy to get caught all up in the moment and over spend on items early in your planning process because you have more expendable money in your overall budget.  But if you organize and prioritize your budget your chances of spending way to much money on chairs is eliminated.  Which leaves you more money to spend on vendors that will have a greater impact on the overall success of your day.

I know what you're thinking... But what if I don't have any money left?  We are trying our hardest with articles such as this one, to change the mind set of new brides as they plan their wedding reception.  If you look at all of the major bridal magazines we as entertainers are hardly mentioned at all.  But the truth is your entertainment is one the MOST important vendors to ensure that you're wedding reception is the best you've ever attended.  How do we know this?  Think back to the wedding receptions that you've have attended in the past as a guest.  What did you eat?  How many layers were on the cake?  What did the chair covers look like?  How many flowers were in the center piece?  Chances are unless you were involved in the planning of that wedding you won't be able to answer those questions.  Now on the other hand, did you have a good time?

We believe that how much you spend on something and more importantly how much you know about the item or in this case the service the greater your chances are of having the wedding reception of your dreams.  Let's not look into how much money satisfies or qualifies your chances, instead focus on hiring professionals.  We are professionals for a reason, and chances are we are going to be more expensive than other companies out there.  Sure you may roll the dice, and find a cheap DJ that gives you everything you want and more.  We are not saying they don't exist, but you are risking one of the most important days to one individual that you have met maybe for five minutes at a Bridal Show and just made your decision based on his price.  

Hiring a professional increases your odds that your wedding reception will not only be the best you've ever attended, but will have your guests talking about how much fun they had at your reception, and how they remember dancing the night away!   After all wasn't that one of your top priorities of your wedding reception?  We hope you find this article useful and if you have any questions please let us know.  Stay tuned for more wedding reception tips!

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