Bouquet Toss?

Should I Toss My Bouquet?

Bouquet Toss?


This weeks wedding reception planning tip has to do with your bouquet.  All of our Brides-to-Be receive a detailed wedding planner from us that goes over all the ways Uranko Productions can customize your wedding reception.  One of the sections of the planner has to do with the Bouquet Toss.  

First lets jump back in our time machines to the year 2005.  Many of you that will be reading this blog may not even have graduated high school yet, but I can almost guarantee that you have attended an older sister's or friend's wedding reception.  The bouquet toss was as common as the cake cutting 10 years ago.  However we noticed a change and we believe is a change for the better.

What does the Bouquet Toss really mean to everyone?  Well as a single male guest at your wedding reception you now gave me an inside tip on which ladies I can pursue for the rest of the evening.  For the married men in the audience we are just hoping for an all out chick fight to ensue the moment you launch those flowers into the air.  Ok, you're probably right, the single guys are hoping for the same thing as well!  What about the ladies that attend your wedding reception...  And here is where we convince our new Brides-to-Be to not toss those beautiful flowers into the air.   The majority of girls that attend your wedding reception that are single although are extremely happy for you, hate the fact that they are not married or engaged.  Most of them get all worked up and think to themselves I hope they don't have a bouquet toss because I don't want the whole room to know I am not married.  Let's face it, the bouquet toss is nothing more than calling out all of your single friends and saying I am married and you are not, so let's get you out in the middle of the dance floor and let everyone know that you're not married.  

Another situation that can come about is what if one of your friends recently went through a divorce and you are the only one that knows.. But when you start calling out the single girls in the crowd and you announce her name now she is even more embarrassed.  I can almost guarantee her night is over after your toss.  I also know that girls that attend your wedding reception who bring their boyfriend are more than likely not to leave their seat and participate in the Toss.  Why you might ask...  Well in her mind if she catches the bouquet she will have some random dude up her dress which will definitely lead to a fight with her current boyfriend.  Chances are she has a better likelihood of marriage sitting in her seat rather than catching flowers.  And the last point about why having a bouquet toss creates an awkward moment is what if the Junior Bridesmaid catches the bouquet?  Think about it.  So now you have an inside tip on why when you announce the Bouquet Toss nobody leaves their seat.

Out of all of the 2014 wedding we produced only two decided to have the Bouquet Toss which in the end is totally alright with us.  It is our professional respobsibility to share with you all of the options that we have.  We network with wedding entertainment companies from all over the Nation and we want your wedding to represent the best of everything.  We always will support our Brides-to-Be decisions and wishes, after all it is your Day.  For the 90% of the weddings that we produced in 2014 who wanted a more modern reception here is what we recommended them to do instead of the Bouquet Toss.

IDEA #1 - Bouquet Dedication

The Bride dedicates her bouquet to the person whom has influenced her life the most.  She then makes a short speech about them and why they are so deserving of the bouquet.  If this is the Maid or Matron of Honor this works out perfectly to add after she gives the toast.  She will have no idea it is coming and having this event before the food is served will guarantee that you have everyone's attention.  The Groom can also take park in this by giving his Mom a dozen of roses instead of taking the garter off.  Again this can be done right after the Toasts to create a very memorable moment.

IDEA #2 - Oldest Couple

This is our personal favorite.   Through our Wedding Reception Planner we already know who the oldest couple in the room of your Wedding Reception will be.  The way this works is we call all the of the married couples to the dance floor and start a song that everyone dances together.   We then move the couples who have been married together for the shortest amount of time off to the side.  This goes on until we are left with the oldest couple in the room.  We then play their wedding song and invite you and your Groom to dance along side of them.  When the song is over you present them with your bouquet.  This creates a very memorable moment.

Bottom line is it's totally up to you weather or not you want to have a Bouquet Toss at your Wedding Reception.  We wanted to share other options with you all that will definitely create a special moment and work extremely well.  Our ultimate goal at your wedding reception is to create as many memorable moments as possible and eliminate all of the awkward pauses or cheesy moments that plaque normal receptions.  We want you to have the best wedding reception that you have ever attended!  

That's going to do it for this week's Wedding Reception Planning Tip.  If you have any questions please let us know.  

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