Do you want to totally add your personal touch by transforming the mood and atmosphere of your Venue?  Our creative design team can transform and modernize any Venue with our uplighting package.   This is our most popular upgrade – In fact, we have not produced a wedding reception in the last four years that has not included this in their reception.

Placed in strategic locations, uplighting add that special touch of color to your Venue.   Through the new advancement in uplighting technology we now carry battery-powered uplighting, which enables us to use this effect in any location imaginable. 

If you remember back to your Art Classes in school you will remember that colors are created from three basic colors, red, green, and blue.  The uplights that we carry are made up of 180 super bright LEDs which consist of red, green, blue and amber.  This allows us to custom mix our colors to match your desired uplighting color.  Below are the stock colors available:

Red Green Blue Amber Cyan
Purple Light Green Light Blue Violet Yellow
Oragne Pink White    

We are available to conduct on site demonstrations of the colors that we offer and to see first hand how great of an effect these uplights create.

This effect is not priced per light because we have your best interest in mind.  We simply want your wedding reception to be the best reception you’ve ever attended.  We are experts in creative uplighting design and will provide you with the necessary amount of lights to pull off a total venue transformation.

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