Would you like to have your first dance together as husband and wife even more memorable?  Then this effect is just for you!  Our Dancing On A Cloud is one of our most popular special effects that we offer. 

The effect can be used for your entrance down the aisle for your ceremony or into the reception hall, or as your first dance.   This effect creates a low-lying cloud that will cover the entire dance floor for approximately four to five minutes.  We can also add lighting to your cloud to add that special touch.

The effect will not stain or leave any residue on the floor and does not smell like a fog machine.  We use dry ice to pull this effect off so anyone of your guests that has allergies will not be affected.  Lastly this effect will NOT set off any fire alarms and can be used indoors or outdoors.

This effect not only puts the both of you in the clouds but also creates very memorable photographs for the both of you to cherish.

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